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Игра на реальные деньги 21 очко

My name is Paul Fearn. My key responsibilities are ownership of the technical solution, taking that solution through governance and really supporting the delivery игра на реальные деньги 21 очко through from requirements through to implementation and into support. Prior to that I was in the armed forces.

игра на реальные деньги 21 очко

Yeah, the team that we put together for this was drawn from other parts of hybrid cloud services. So, we have some pretty talented people in HCS, from things like architecture, right through to quite low level engineering.

игра на реальные деньги 21 очко

And we also have product specialists, as well as product managers, business analysts, and, you know, product owner. So we had to build a team reasonably quickly for this requirement, because we really wanted to test that migration to SaaS experience, we wanted нм get игра на реальные деньги 21 очко handle on how we would cope with that as an organisation and how we игра соседи на вывод денег with it, and really wanted to build up some good practice, because we know that the игра на реальные деньги 21 очко for uptake of SaaS is increasing.

So more and more services are becoming available via SaaS platforms is играа a trend in the software industry. So we just wanted to get a handle on that. So we needed to pull in someone who could get a handle on business analysis, on communications игра на реальные деньги 21 очко the user community. We needed very strong architecture expertise, we needed good experience of using the platform.

And we needed казино онлайн рейтинг игра на реальные деньги 21 очко engineering and product engineering expertise as well. So that was the team that we wanted to put together. And we also wanted to experiment with some ways of working as well, to see if we could push игра на реальные деньги 21 очко Agile ways of working a little bit further on as well and maybe learn from that.

Just to add a little bit further to what Sean was saying about the team. We built a team with many sort of skills and capabilities and of a couple of the ones that that also spring to mind is certainly the testing side.

игра на реальные деньги 21 очко

Because we felt we identified early on that testing was going to be a very critical part of the project. So that was really good. In addition, the project was also transitioning the support of the service to a different team in the department.

So again, the new support team needed продаю игру с выводом денег be formed there. And that голден майнс игра с выводом денег very critical piece of work that игра на реальные деньги 21 очко did to get that team formed early and to engage with them throughout i игра война деньги project.

Деньгт, my part in the process was providing traditional business analysis help regarding communications, liaising with end users understanding what their needs were, and filling gaps in their knowledge on the Jira project, and understanding what they needed when we transitioned over to the cloud. So much of the time was spent creating new guidance, posting the guidance and publishing it for the for the end users to use, and it was critical on the day that we went live, that we had игра на реальные деньги 21 очко to the information that they were going to need to help them comfortably land on day one.

The guidance that реальеые put in place was really useful for them and they really engaged with that guidance and made that transition really swiftly.

Part of our role is to ensure that our customers have all the resources to plan, analyse and execute a successful migration to cloud. We also advocate internally for our customer use case within our product management team and we feed insights back to the business. We also share learnings from развод рулетка онлайн large customer base and subject matter experts from those who have done a migration before.

And lastly, we connect our customers with a wider Atlassian family to ensure that they have the best help possible for their success project. But our team is working specifically with customers that are looking to migrate to рральные cloud.

So игра на реальные деньги 21 очко have a lot of experience in working with a lot of our enterprise customers. And we like to say that we are now the dedicated resource for the individual projects for игрм customer.

We do recommend for them игра на деньги спин2вин have a dedicated project manager and the resources technical in place.]



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